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Peptides are short chains of amino acids that are the building blocks of the human body. Peptides can be as short as 4 amino acids or as long as 4 or more. Short peptides carry both construction and signal informational functions. Short peptides, entering the body with food, do not break down in the stomach, but immediately enter the bloodstream and move to the organ to which they are tropic. They settle into his work and connect with his DNA, give a signal that it is necessary to begin the process of restoring this organ.

Ideal Pharma Peptide is a manufacturer of unique peptide complexes IPH for clinical and sports nutrition that contain short peptides based on glutamine, alanine and other amino acids, chelated compounds of metals with essential amino acids with proven positive properties for a variety of diseases and pathological conditions, improving the physical and health profiles among professional athletes and people with an active way of life.

The issue of maintaining the body in good condition is always relevant for supporters of a healthy lifestyle. Physical culture and sports, proper nutrition, diverse physical culture and health procedures, rehabilitation and health improvement in sanatorium complexes and specialized centers, giving up bad habits and much more have a positive effect on the human body.

Active human life requires a rational attitude to nutrition, which helps to improve his health, improve performance, prevent diseases, adequately adapt to the environment and prolong life. Dietary supplements contribute to the optimization of the diet, the elimination of nutritional imbalances and the enhancement of the therapeutic properties of nutrition. The use of vitamin supplements and remedies to improve immunity has been practiced by people since ancient times, which is what modern pharmacological corporations use.

The company VEROVER PHARMA occupies a leading position in the domestic pharmacology market in the production of food supplements using short peptides. All products are manufactured in accordance with the current standards and regulations adopted by the world health associations.

Direct cooperation with the German company IdealPharma Peptide GmbH allows us to use modern equipment and technologies for the production of nutritional supplements. Not every manufacturer of nutritional supplements can boast of such constructive cooperation, which distinguishes us from competitors. 

ARTROPEPTIN - preparation for joints and ligaments, chondroprotector (low molecular weight peptide complex)

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Low molecular weight peptide complex. An innovative drug that affects protein synthesis and the rate of recovery of cells and tissues of the joints (cartilage tissue). The composition of the drug ARTROPEPTIN® includes a unique cartilage peptide complex (IPH® AEN/DES), which actively restores and strengthens the cartilage tissue of the body (clinically confirmed).

The peptide complex is additionally combined with useful substances for accelerated absorption: collagen hydrolyzate; low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, as well as eggshell membrane hydrolyzate (eliminates pain and inflammation). The synergistic effect of the latter with the IPH® AEN peptide has a positive effect on the production of the natural amino acid desmosine (DES), which is an integral part of the elastin protein. This allows you to make cartilage, ligaments, tendons elastic and elastic. The drug is complementary. The combination of nutrients enhances the effect.

Cartilage peptide IPH® AEN belongs to a class of short tripeptides, consisting of 3 amino acids of a specific sequence. Short peptides are an informational molecule that transfers information from one structural unit to another. The innovative cartilage peptide IPH® AEN, which is part of the ARTROPEPTIN® preparation, finally solves the acute problem of the absorption and absorption rate of nutrients. Source: 

VENAPEPT - angioprotector, a peptide complex for the heart and strengthening blood vessels, prevents thrombosis, reduces the level of bad cholesterol

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Blood Vessels Cleanse IPH AVN - a complex for adult women, men, the elderly from natural ingredients: IPH AVN peptide, artichoke extract, policosanol, phytosterols. Promotes: strengthening and restoring the integrity and elasticity of blood vessels; prevents the formation of lipoprotein plaques and the development of atherosclerosis, thrombosis; prevention and development of vasoconstriction and other pathologies of the arterial and venous parts of the cardiovascular system; regulation and normalization of cholesterol levels and a spectrum of high, low and very low density lipoproteins; normalization of viscosity and maintenance of blood fluidity.

VENAPEPT contains the ultrashort vascular peptide IPH AVN, a natural regulatory peptide for prolonging the life span of endothelocytes, cells of the inner lining of arterial and venous vessels. It has been clinically proven that the use of the IPH AVN peptide promotes repair of the vascular bed after injury, and reduces thrombus formation by 1.8 times.

To prevent the risk of developing vascular diseases - 1 tablet per day for 1-2 months. For the treatment of vascular diseases - from 2 tablets per day for 2 months.

OSTEOPEPTIN - peptide complex for normalization and restoration of bone tissue

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OSTEOPEPTIN is an original innovative complex remedy for the prevention and elimination of calcium deficiency, as well as an additional therapy in the clinic of pathological disorders of calcium metabolism.

OSTEOPEPTIN contains calcium chelate, the most bioavailable form of calcium. The body is able to assimilate individual mineral ions only when they are combined with amino acids. In the chelated form, calcium ions are already with two glycine molecules, and do not require additional transformations.

To enhance the function of absorption and transport of the calcium molecule directly into the bone tissue cells, OSTEPEPTIN contains a highly stable dipeptide IPH AG. The two amino acids linked by a peptide bond are of natural origin and produced by a unique bio-fermentation process.

The IPH AG dipeptide accompanies the calcium bisglycinate molecule not only to the stomach (as in most products containing calcium chelate), but also further - along the bloodstream directly to bone tissue cells. Then, thanks to the dipeptide, calcium channels are formed from proteins and intersections of cell membranes, which allows the calcium ion to pass into the bone tissue cell and “complete” it.

OSTEOPEPTIN is recommended as a biologically active food supplement (BAA), a source of a chelated form of calcium, vitamin D3, IPH AG peptide, included in dietary supplements based on modern scientific data on their specific effect on the intake of calcium ions, their absorption, metabolism, bone mineralization tissues, deposition and normalization of the level of calcium balance in the body.

PEPTIRON - new generation neuroprotector with pineal gland peptide complex (IPH EP)

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Preparation based on the pineal gland peptide complex IPH EP
The complex was developed as a source of glutamine, glycine, beta-alanine, leucine, lysine, aspartic acid, three peptides IPH EP (pineal gland peptide), nervonic acid.

It is recommended to increase physical and mental performance, increase concentration and improve memory, during periods of emotional stress and increased fatigue. The components included in the composition stimulate the production of its own melatonin at the cellular level. Normalize the work of the neuroendocrine system, regulate circadian rhythms (biorhythms). Compensate for the deficiency of nervonic acid - the main component of nerve cells and nerve fibers of the brain. Slow down the aging process. They contribute to the normalization of sleep, normalize indicators of cellular and humoral immunity, the hormonal system, relieve fatigue, increase mental activity, improve memory and overall quality of life.

Effective for:

  • increasing concentration and improving memory;
  • improvements in cognitive functions of the brain;
  • slowing down the aging process and achieving a rejuvenating effect;
  • sleep normalization;
  • normalization of immunity;
  • increasing mental activity and physical performance.


VEROVER PHARMA IPH Peptide Complexes

ARTROPEPTIN (peptide complex for joints and cartilage)

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VENAPEPT (policosanol and vascular peptide IPH AVN)

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PEPTIRON (nootropic complex with pineal gland peptide)

Nootropic drug based on the pineal...

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