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THYMALIN Natural Thymus Peptide

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THYMALIN® is a polypeptide complex isolated from the thymus of young animals with a molecular weight below 10 kDa. In experiments, this bioregulator significantly reduces the incidence of malignant tumors both in intact animals and in animals irradiated or infected with carcinogens, exhibits a pronounced antiatherosclerotic effect in experiments on rabbits with hyperlipidemia.

Thymalin is officially approved for use as an immunomodulator for viral and bacterial infections, diseases of bones and soft tissues, disorders of regenerative processes, bronchial asthma, conditions accompanied by hypofunction of the thymus, etc.

For adults, it is recommended to use 5–20 mg daily for 3-10 days; children, depending on age, from 1 to 3.5 mg of the drug for 3-10 consecutive days. Repeated courses, if necessary, are carried out in 1–6 months.

The study of the geroprotective effect of thymalin on the elderly for 6-8 years showed that it normalizes the basic functions of the human body: the indicators of the cardiovascular, endocrine, immune and nervous systems, and metabolism improve. In the group of patients treated with thymalin, the incidence of acute respiratory diseases decreased 2 - 2.4 times, the number of manifestations of ischemic heart disease, hypertension, deforming osteoarthritis and osteoporosis decreased compared to controls. The mortality rate in the group of people who received thymalin decreased by 2 - 2.1 times. Thus, thymalin has a high geroprotective effect in people over 60 years old, both by itself and in complex use. Thymalin is used in the complex therapy of a number of diseases, including oncological ones.


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THYMALIN Natural Thymus Peptide

THYMALIN (peptide for immune system in ampules)

Natural peptide - thymus extract...

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