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Sachel® BIOSOL SERUM (for facial care)

Anti-aging cosmetic facial emulsion. This product contributes to recovery of the biochemical processes balance in the skin and optimization of all skin functions.

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18,00 €

Sachel® BIOSOL SERUM is a multicomplex system based on concentrates extracted from extraordinary oils, enriched with micelles of sap and plant extracts, characterized by both lipophilic, and hydrophilic properties.

Sachel® BIOSOL SERUM is a booster of all biochemical processes in the skin that prevents any symptoms of aging, aesthetic defects, and inflammatory processes.

BIOSOL SERUM multiconcentrate provides rejuvenating action on the skin for all age groups. It is characterized by selective effect for treatment of individual disorders in the epidermis that lead to aesthetic defects and disruption of the metabolism in the epidermal cells, keratinocytes, intercellular space, elastinogenesis, and collagenogenesis.

BIOSOL SERUM contains an elevated concentration of active substances in the sol of isotonic solution based on the burdock sap and coconut milk. It has optimal transdermal penetrative action, transports the active natural molecules to the dystrophic zones of the skin, helps to restore the balance of intracellular and extracellular system, and simultaneously provides aesthetic, regulating, and dermatological effect with the mechanism of action based on the step-by-step recovery of the skin functions:

  • barrier;
  • regenerative;
  • breathing;
  • thermoregulatory;
  • metabolic;
  • sensory;
  • immune

The main effect of the serum is the recovery of all skin functions and prevention of destructive changes caused by exposure to various factors.

The multicomplex of extraordinary oils and saps promotes:

  • strengthening of collagenic and elastinic structures, prevention of turgor decrease, and skin flabbiness prevention;
  • mobilization of metabolic processes in the “voids” of the skin deeper layers, correction of small and deep wrinkles, age-induced and mimic-related skin pinches;
  • cleansing of the skin from alien substrates, keratinized cells;
  • normalization of the individual complexion, smoothing of the tone, elimination of pigment spots;
  • moisturization of the upper and lower layers of the skin;
  • normalization of the functions of the lamellar layer, elimination of inflammatory processes;
  • normalization of the sebaceous glands functions, preclusion of conditions favorable for occurrence of acne, comedones, rosacea, other symptoms of the sensitive skin;
  • improvement of the skin metabolic processes, regeneration of the cell population of the epidermis and dermis, prevention of aging;
  • improvement of the tonus of the blood vessels near the skin, normalization of their permeability, removal of toxins from the skin;
  • skin photoageing prevention;
  • normalization of the cells peptides sensitivity to hormones, elimination of the destructive processes in collagen and elastin, prevention of the skin aging and all symptoms of aging;
  • prevention of skin dryness and skin dryness symptoms (such as rosacea, irritation, sensitivity);
  • eczema elimination.

When used daily, the BIOSOL-SERUM suppresses the dynamics of occurrence of the first wrinkles by 80% from the age of 35 years old, eliminates deep wrinkles caused by age factor or expression factor by 30%, recovers the natural skin hydration factors by 90%, and cleanses the skin by 90%.


extraordinary oils extracted from kukui, butcher’ s broom, milk thistles, castor beans, mulberry, amaranth, evening primrose, mafura, ximenia, jojoba, marigold, mongongo, Brazil nuts, burdock sap, coconut milk; concentrates from fern sap, aloe, clover, willow bark, dioscorea, pecan, milk thistle, corn silk, tomatoes, carrots, chlorella, spirulina, fucus, tormentil, tomato, amaranth seeds, sea cucumber, oats, bergenia, licorice, emblica, turmeric, cedar galipot, concentrates of chasteberry, buckthorn, and grape seeds

Method of application:

use a pipette to apply the BIOSOL-SERUM onto the forehead, cheeks, and chin, then evenly distribute using massage movements. BIOSOL-SERUM is recommended for use in the morning and in the evening. This product may be used as an independent product for care, moisturizing, nourishment, and protection during the daytime and nighttime. The product is suitable for use as the make-up foundation.
Filler action, lifting effect, and whitening effect of the Biozol-Serum is visible after three days of use. Course for recovery – 20 days; rejuvenating course – 30 days. Three courses per year are recommended.

This product provides differentiated action at different times of the day, depending on the metabolic processes and biorhythm throughout the day.
When used during the daytime, depending on the biochemical processes in the skin, the serum demonstrates the individual protective, corrective, moisturizing, and nourishing action, and activates the SPF factors of the skin.

When used during the nighttime, it stimulates the cells regeneration process, metabolism, compaction of the collagenic structures, filling of intercellular matrix hollows, elimination of wrinkles, nourishment, and improvement of the skin tone.
Biozol-serum is characterized by gentle texture, quickly absorbs into the skin, adequate for any type of the skin, does not lead to oily shine and film on the surface of the skin, does not cause “greenhouse” effect, maintains cellular respiration and oxygen balance throughout the day.

This is a 100% natural product. It does not contain any artificial and / or genetically modified substances, conserving agents, and / or medicinal substances. Hypoallergenic.

BIOSOL-SERUM is recommended for use at any age to preserve the natural rejuvenating factors and to prevent early aging of the skin, to delay the period of skin withering.

It is characterized by pronounced revitalizing effect on the thin and delicate areas of the skin – eyelids, area under the eyes, eyes corners area.
It does not cause swelling, and is recommended for prevention of early aging in the eyes area, forehead, and chin.

The organic formulation of the serum is an indispensable factor for your skin adaptation when experiencing the change of climatic conditions, since it mobilizes the barrier, protective, and other functions of the skin that control adaptation processes.

Storage conditions:

keep in place with temperature not exceeding 25 °С.

Avoid direct sunlight.

Shelf life:

24 months

Form release:

50 ml


Guaranteed authenticity and quality:

100% Original from SACHERA-MED (Russia) It is innovative production of the unique products from highly efficient natural raw materials, such as Altai maral antlers, castoreum, stone oil, mummiyo, and a variety of medicinal herbs.

Development and production:

SACHERA-MED (Russia) Genuine products. Innovative productions. Natural chemical-free raw materials. Product control and quality. Ecofriendly production site. Made in Russia.

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