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BARS-1 AURORA (chronic fatigue syndrome and depression)

Preparation for regulation of biochemical processes in tissues and improvement of microcirculation of body fluids.
A bottle with a capacity of 3 grams of powder (60 servings). Measuring spoon (0.05 g) included.

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29,00 €

BARS-1 BIALOGICALLY ACTIVE PLANT SYSTEMS  is a unique development of domestic scientists, a natural preparation with a wide spectrum of action, considered as an additional supplement to the diet of a modern person.

BARS-1 is effective in chronic fatigue syndrome and depressive states. It is used in the complex prevention of cardiovascular and bronchopulmonary diseases. It has proven itself in dysfunctions of the neuroendocrine and genitourinary systems.

A modern person, immersed in an urban environment, subject to stress, experiencing a deficiency of microelements and vitamins necessary for the body, constantly needs additional sources of food products that can make up for this deficiency. Studies have shown that plant extracts that are part of BARS-1 enhance the action of each other, contributing to a significant improvement in metabolic processes in the biological tissues of the body. Periodic intake of BARS-1 contributes to the restoration of immune protective forces and an increase in the energy potential of a person.


Dihydroquercetin, L-arginine, magnesium lactate, tribulus, sea buckthorn, Chinese magnolia vine, succinic acid, ascorbic acid, germanium.

The main therapeutic properties of the components of the composition:


- accelerates the process of cell regeneration of the nervous, endocrine and cardiovascular systems;

- reduces the permeability and fragility of the walls of blood vessels;

- prevents the destruction of cell membranes in almost all tissues;

- increases the adaptive properties of the body, mobilizing its immune system;

- activates energy metabolism and contributes to the normalization of neurotransmitter processes;

- renews the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract;

- Protects skin cells from exposure to toxins and harmful radiation.


- improves the rheological properties of blood;

- normalizes the level of glucose in the blood;

- has a stimulating effect on the production of sex hormones and growth hormones.

Magnesium lactate:

- improves the antioxidant properties of cells.

- contributes to the disappearance of convulsions and the restoration of heart rhythm;

- improves the production of enzymes in dysfunctions of the neuroendocrine system;


- promotes increase in physical endurance;

- reduces the feeling of irritable weakness;

- Increases the production of testosterone in men.

Sea ​​buckthorn:

- facilitates the work of the liver;

- helps to strengthen the walls of the blood channels;

-Restores the cells of internal organs.

Schisandra chinensis:

- promotes rejuvenation, normalizing hormonal levels.

- increases the adaptive resistance of the body to changing weather conditions and climatic zones;

- slows down degenerative processes in chronic injuries;

Succinic acid:

- activates energy metabolism;

- promotes the removal of excess salt from the body;

- has a pronounced anti-allergic effect.

Vitamin C:

- improves the production and absorption of vitamin C in the body;

- stimulates respiratory processes in tissues;

- strengthens the walls of blood vessels.


- increases the hypoxic resistance of tissues, increasing the time spent in conditions of lack of oxygen;

- activates the immune defense system;

- stops the growth of atypical (cancer) cells.

Recommendations for use:

Pour one measuring spoon with a capacity of 0.05 grams (included) of the powder on the tongue, hold on the tongue for 10-15 seconds and drink a glass of clean, cool water.

Take daily 1-2 times a day 10-15 minutes before breakfast or lunch. The recommended duration of admission is from 2 to 4 weeks.

A second course of admission - according to well-being, but not earlier than 2 weeks after the end of the first course.


individual intolerance, skin rashes.

Storage conditions:

store in a dry, dimly lit place out of the reach of children at a temperature not exceeding 25 0C.

Best before date:

2 years from date of manufacture.

Form release:

A bottle with a capacity of 3 grams of odorless fine gray powder (60 servings). Measuring spoon (0.05 g) included.


Guaranteed authenticity and quality:

100% Original from the AURORA (Russia)

Development and production:

AURORA (Russia)

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