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Natural antioxidant anti-age agents

Mesotels for internal use are the basic products of revitalization. There are 4 generations of Mesotels: 

1. Mesotel based on Choline and Gotu Kola. Its components have antioxidant, antiviral and antimicrobial effects, increase immunity, reduce the risk of cancer. A course of Mesotel therapy significantly improves cerebral blood circulation, nervous system functioning and accelerates metabolism.
2. Mesotel Beauty enriched with Zinc, Selenium, Gotu Kola and Wolfberry extracts. Due to its antioxidant action it is able to remove salts of heavy metals and toxins from the body, reduce the risk of cancer and increase immunity. Mesotel Beauty improves the function of cardiovascular and nervous systems, cerebral circulation, stimulates thymus function and cell regeneration.
3. Mesotel Neo includes Resveratrol, a natural phytoalexin. Its action reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, stroke and heart attack.
4. Mesotel Tabs is a tablet form of Mesotels, that along with Choline and Resveratrol, includes Glycine and Vitamin B6.

The main result from the antioxidant and revitalizing effects of internal Mesotels on the body is a significantly better functioning of the nervous and immune systems.


 Innovative technologies for beauty and health

The line of external non-invasive mesotherapy has long established itself as an effective anti-age complex for the scalp, the skin of the body, face and neck. In order to influence the maximum number of links involved in the development of premature skin aging, researches from Peptides Company created HPE-4 + Neovitin anti-age complex, unparalleled in professional cosmetology. Here Neovitin serves both as a booster (having an amplifier effect) which increases the efficiency of HPE-4 by 23% (which is clinically proved), and as a standalone product which improves skin microcirculation and antioxidant status and fights photoageing. From this point of view, the HPE-4 + Neovitin complex should be considered as the most successful combination of highly active components of external Mesotels, that provides the most pronounced anti-age effect compared to other products of this class.

HPE-4 belongs to the new generation of biogenic amines. This component makes it possible to smooth out fine wrinkles, to moisturize the skin, to increase its elasticity and significantly to improve its texture.

The most important aspect of HPE-4 action is associated with its effect on fibroblasts function, that react to the use of the product by increasing the level of collagen and elastin synthesis. The direct consequence of this is an increase in the elasticity of the skin.

Another and no less important component of the external Mesotels is Neovitin, a biologically active complex with strong antioxidant and anti-age properties, that is extracted from ginseng root biomass. The complex has passed the necessary experimental tests at the Institute of Toxicology. Its anti-inflammatory, UV-protective, regenerating, antimicrobial, immunomodulatory and antitumor action have been proved. It also increases skin turgor and local skin blood flow. By using the advanced technologies embodied in the external Mesotels, modern women can look as young as they feel.

The line of external Mesotels includes:
1. Mesotel for face and neck
2. Mesotel for hair and scalp
3. Mesotel for body.


Anti-aging Products MESOTEL

MESOTEL (improves cerebral blood circulation, the nervous system, slows the aging process)

Product for supports healthy brain &...

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MESOTEL BEAUTY (anti-aging product with antioxidant effect)

Based on Choline & Gotu Kola, Boxthorn,...

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MESOTEL NEO (product slows the aging process)

Based on Choline, Resveratrol, Gotu...

26,00 €
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MESOTEL FOR HAIR AND SCALP (external mesoteraphy product)

Cosmetic tonic for hair and scalp with...

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MESOTEL FOR FACE AND NECK (external mesoteraphy product)

Cosmetic tonic for face and neck with...

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MESOTEL FOR BODY (external mesoteraphy product)

Cosmetic tonic for body with complex...

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