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SPORT 5 Plus for athletes
  • accelerated metabolism and recovery from physical activity,
  • increased athletic performance regardless of age,
  • improvement of the brain and immune system,
  • improvement of the saturation of tissues and organs,
  • increased reaction speed,
  • strengthening of muscles, joints, spine and blood vessels.
natural peptide complexes A3, A4, A5, A6, A18:
  • thymus peptides 10 mg
  • muscle peptides 10 mg
  • brain peptides 10 mg
  • cartilage peptides 10 mg
  • peptides of vessels 10 mg
PROTECTOR 3 Plus to increase the level of immunity
  • improvement of immune and neuroendocrine system function,
  • improvement of hematopoietic system function,
  • improvement of melatonin production by your body,
  • acceleration of recovery from past diseases,
  • improvement in oxygenation of the heart, brain and muscles,
  • significant improvement of sexual function in men and women.
natural peptide complexes A6, A8, A20:
  • pineal gland peptides 10 mg
  • thymus peptides 10 mg
  • bone marrow peptides 10 mg
POLO 3 Plus for men's health
  • improves the functions of the reproductive system,
  • increases the production of testosterone by your body,
  • increases resistance in stressful situations,
  • improves mood and performance.
natural peptide complexes A13, A16, A17:
  • adrenal gland peptides 10 mg
  • testis peptides 10 mg
  • prostat gland peptides 10 mg
CLIMA 3 Plus for women's health
  • supporting the body throughout the menstrual cycle,
  • reducing the discomfort of natural fading hormonal background,
  • improvement of the emotional state,
  • improvement of the whole reproductive system,
  • strengthening of blood vessels,
  • improved function of the endocrine glands.
natural peptide complexes A2, A3, A15:
  • ovaries peptides 10 mg
  • peptides of vessels 10 mg
  • thyroid gland peptides 10 mg
CARDIO 3 Plus for the cardiovascular system
  • improvement of the entire cardiovascular system,
  • increased tolerance to loads,
  • improvement of myocardial contractile function,
  • iImproved metabolism in cardiovascular cells,
  • reduces energy costs,,
  • increase in maximum oxygen consumption.
natural peptide complexes A3, A7, A14:
  • vessels peptides 10 mg
  • heart peptides 10 mg
  • liver peptides 10 mg
NEURO 3 Plus for the nervous system and brain
  • improved ability to assimilate new knowledge,
  • improvement of emotional stability,
  • increases the feeling of rest after a night's sleep,
  • strengthens the vessel walls, normalizing their tone,
  • improvement of blood supply,
  • increased resistance to mental stress.
peptide complexes A3, A5, A7:
  • liver peptides 10 mg
  • brain peptides 10 mg
  • vessels peptides 10 mg
OSTEO 3 Plus for the musculoskeletal system
  • improvement of the entire musculoskeletal system,
  • changes in high physical activity level out joint wear and aging of the body,
  • supports calcium-phosphorus metabolism,
  • support for bone mineral density,
  • improvement of the immune system and cell regeneration.
natural peptide complexes A4, A6, A21:
  • cartilage peptides 10 mg
  • parathyroid gland peptides 10 mg
  • thymus peptides 10 mg
VISION 3 Plus to improve vision
  • useful for people who often strain their eyes during work,
  • improvement of visual acuity and electrophysiological indicators,
  • improvement of the function of retinal photoreceptors,
  • improved metabolism of brain neurons,
  • improved nutrition of eye tissues,
  • strengthening of vascular walls.
peptide complexes A3, A5, A11:
  • eyes peptides 10 mg
  • brain peptides 10 mg
  • peptides of vessels 10 mg
NEPHRO 3 Plus for the urinary system
  • improved production of proteins by your body,
  • improved production of hormones by your body,
  • reducing the risk of excretory system disorders,
  • improved renal filtration,
  • improved urinary bladder regeneration,
  • improved immune system.
peptide complexes A6, A9, A12:
  • kidney peptides 10 mg
  • urinary bladder peptides 10 mg
  • thymus peptides 10 mg
GASTRO 3 Plus for the digestive system
  • improvement of gastrointestinal functions,
  • stimulation of synthesis of own biologically active substances,
  • improvement of gastric juice secretion and digestive enzymes,
  • normalization of gastric juice concentration,
  • improvement of cellular metabolism,
  • improvement of fat and carbohydrate metabolism.
natural peptide complexes A1, A7, A10:
  • liver peptides 10 mg
  • pancreas peptides 10 mg
  • stomach peptides 10 mg
ANEMO 3 Plus for immune and hematopoietic systems
  • improvement of immune and hematopoietic systems of the body,
  • strengthening of the vessel walls, normalization of their tone,
  • effective in the period of convalescence from infections,
  • increased efficiency and operability,
  • improving the oxygen saturation of muscles, heart and brain,
  • restoration of physiological ratio of blood elements.
natural peptide complexes A3, A6, A20:
  • bone marrow peptides 10 mg
  • thymus peptides 10 mg
  • peptides of vessels 10 mg


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