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CYTOGENS PEPTIDE BIO - purpose of peptide preparation

VESILUT®️ for the urinary system
  • Treatment of chronic cystitis;
  • Treating various forms of prostatitisand prostate adenoma;
  • Normalising urination functionduring menopause;
  • Treating bladder syndrome at any age;
  • Treating symptoms of urinary incontinence in all categories of patients;
  • Increasingeffectiveness of the main treatment.
Peptidе AKS-M (L-aspartic acid; L-glutamic acid)
CARDIOGEN®️ for the cardiovascular system
  • Heart attack (Myocardium);
  • Ischemia;
  • Hypertensive crisis;
  • Chronic heart failure;
  • Attacks of angina pectoris;
  • Prevention of heart disease in risk groups (inheritance, living and working conditions);
  • Increase stamina under heavy loads and adverse environmental factors (sportsmen, submariners and others);
  • Prevention of cardiovascular diseases for middle and older age groups.
Peptide АКS-К (peptide-linked amino acids: glutamic, aspartic, alanine, arginine)
BRONCHOGEN®️ for the broncho-pulmonary system
  • Increasing the overall effectiveness of the treatmentfor cough syndromes;
  • Complex treatment of respiratory diseases in the acute phase;
  • Treatment of acute and chronic bronchitis, smoker's bronchitis, bronchitis with an asthmatic component, emphysema and lung obstruction;
  • Restoring lung function after smokingand treatment for shortness of breath and bronchial spasms.
Peptidе AKS-B (L- alanin; L- aspartic acid; L- glutamic acid; L- arginine)
NORMOFTAL®️ to normalize retinal function
  • Normalising retinal function,
  • Starting the processes of tissue regeneration in vision organs,
  • Normalising metabolism in retina and cornea,
  • Degenerative eye diseases therapy(maculopathy and retinopathy),
  • Glaucoma therapy,
  • Reducing the risk of inflammation and dystrophic lesionsin vision organs,
  • Therapy after eye surgeries significantly increases the effectiveness of the main treatment and enables self-healing mechanisms of visual organs,
  • Increasing the efficiency of treatmentfor patients with dystrophic changesin retina.
Peptidе AKS-G (lysine, glutamic acid)
PANCRAGEN®️ for the pancreas
  • Prevention of pancreatitis and diabetes development;
  • Stimulation of protective functions against exposure to toxic substances e.g. alcohol, drugs, etc;
  • Strengthening the effect of complex therapyfor diseases associated with the pancreas.
Peptidе AKS-P (L-lysine, L- glutamic acid, L-aspartic acid, L-tryptophan)
TESTAGEN®️ for the male reproductive system
  • Male sterility;
  • Enhancing male sexual function;
  • Protection of male reproductive organs from negative effects of the environment including vibrations, ionizing radiation, toxic effects of alcohol and medicines;
  • Normalising testosterone levels at mature age;
  • Maintaining sexual function at mature age;
  • Recovering sexual function after infectious and inflammatory diseases.
Peptidе AKS-S (lysine, L-glutamic acid, L-aspartic acid, glycine)


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